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The International Dyslexia Association’s (IDA) monthly e-letter—The Examiner— keeps you abreast of happenings at IDA and on top of dyslexia and literacy-related events and information in the field and around the world! All IDA members and Examiner subscribers receive our e-letter free of charge. Not a member? Click here to learn about the important work of IDA and about all our valuable member benefits. Or, click on the envelope above or below to simply subscribe to The Examiner. We publish on or near the 25th of each month.

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The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) is pleased to present a forum for information to benefit its constituents.
It is IDA’s policy not to recommend or endorse any specific program, product, institution, company, or instructional material,
noting that there are a number of these that present the critical components of instruction defined by
IDA’s Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading. Any program, product, institution, company,
or instructional material carrying the IDA seal of accredidation meets the IDA Standards.
Opinions expressed in Examiner articles and/or via links do not necessarily reflect those of IDA.



Examiner Features

In addition to The Examiner’s timely and informative articles, reports, recaps, Q&As, and blogs, we publish features of special interest. Some of the Examiner’s special feature articles appear regularly; others run on an ad-hoc basis. Examples are listed below:



IDA Accredited Reading Teacher Preparation Programs in Colleges & Universities IDA accredits university and college teacher preparation programs that meet IDA’s Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading. To highlight these outstanding programs, we profile them in The Examiner and post them on our website to assist employers and prospective teachers in their search for teacher education programs that will prepare teachers by providing them with the vital skill sets needed to teach reading effectively. Click on the logo to see the university and college teacher training programs that have been reviewed and accredited by IDA for meeting the Knowledge and Practice Standards.

HTTP://www.interdys.org/ewebeditpro5/upload/FactSheets.pngIDA Fact Sheets
Written in clear reader-friendly language, these mini-publications provide a wealth of information on a range of dyslexia-related topics. IDA Fact Sheets cut through the jargon and myths to put powerful information at the fingertips of parents, educators/professionals, adults, and college students with dyslexia. As IDA publishes new Fact Sheets, they debut in The Examiner. Click on the logo to see all Fact Sheets. We encourage reproduction and distribution of these Fact Sheets. If portions are cited, appropriate reference must be made. Fact Sheets may not be reprinted for the purpose of resale.

HTTP://www.interdys.org/ewebeditpro5/upload/ScienceOfDyslexia(1).pngThe Science of Dyslexia
Dyslexia and science have a long-standing relationship. Ever since case studies appeared in medical journals over a century ago, science has sought to explain dyslexia’s mysteries and paradoxes. In this quarterly feature, Dr. Fumiko Hoeft, a recent IDA Geschwind lecturer, weaves insights from neuroscience to deepen knowledge of dyslexia among educators and families alike.


HTTP://www.interdys.org/ewebeditpro5/upload/AppChat.pngDr. Cheesman's App Chat
Dr. Elaine Cheesman draws on dual areas of expertise—teacher preparation in scientifically based reading instruction and use of technology in literacy education—to write a quarterly column reviewing high-quality apps for parents, practitioners, or anyone interested in instructional or assistive apps. Engaging, practical, and fun, “Dr. Cheesman's App Chat” is one of The Examiner's most popular features.


HTTP://www.interdys.org/ewebeditpro5/upload/DrDaveATLab(2).pngDr. Dave's AT Lab
Assistive Technology (AT) helps us accomplish tasks that we find difficult or even impossible. AT can range from low cost, low-tech solutions (such as pencil grips) to high cost, high-tech devices and software (such as an iPad). Dr. Dave Winters' quarterly column helps parents, professionals, and people with dyslexia and other literacy learning disabilities navigate the AT world to find solutions that work for them. Come visit "Dr. Dave's AT Lab" to learn about Dr. Dave's latest recommendations.


HTTP://www.interdys.org/ewebeditpro5/upload/InTheNews336.pngDyslexia In The News
When dyslexia makes headlines, Dyslexia in the News helps readers not only stay abreast of the coverage with recaps and links to original sources, but also goes beyond the headlines with thoughtful commentary from experts in the field.

HTTP://www.interdys.org/ewebeditpro5/upload/InTheNews336.pngDyslexia Research Alert!
Exciting research across disciplines is contributing vital information to a growing body of knowledge about the science of teaching and learning, particularly as it concerns dyslexia and literacy. The Examiner’s Research Alert! helps readers to stay abreast of research developments and findings and to understand their implications for practice. These alerts sometimes are accompanied by commentary from noted scholars and experts to help sort out the relevant and reliable from the irrelevant and unreliable.
HTTP://www.interdys.org/ewebeditpro5/upload/InTheNews336.pngDyslexia/Literacy Legislation Update!
A number of states are spearheading initiatives to bring enlightened dyslexia-literacy laws and policies to classrooms across the country. As these efforts unfold, we will update our readers, often with articles and interviews from those directly involved. 

HTTP://www.interdys.org/ewebeditpro5/upload/BranchBreakthroughs.pngBranch Breakthroughs
Our branches, the heartbeat of IDA, work at the grassroots level and on the frontlines making a difference every day on behalf of individuals with dyslexia, their families, and the communities that support them. To champion and acknowledge this vital work, we periodically feature “branch breakthroughs”—stellar branch achievements or innovations that advance IDA’s mission and offer powerful models for other branches.


HTTP://www.interdys.org/ewebeditpro5/upload/InTheNews336.pngDyslexia In First Person: Extraordinary Achievers
In this feature, we profile extraordinary achievers who have dyslexia. Through Q&As and first-person accounts, we tell the inspiring stories of dyslexia—focusing not only on the struggles, but also on the triumphs. Indeed, many of these triumphs might relate to dyslexia.


HTTP://www.interdys.org/ewebeditpro5/upload/InTheNews336.pngIDA’s Video Library
The Internet puts a variety of videos about dyslexia and related issues at our fingertips these days, but not all these videos provide accurate information. IDA’s Video Library curates compelling and informative videos that provide information you can count on! As IDA compiles its library of videos—some created by IDA, others vetted by our experts—The Examiner will feature some of the best of this new material. Click on the logo to see all videos in the Video Library.


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December 2010 was our first issue of The Examiner.  It has become a fantastic newsletter with a great following.


Examiner Editorial Staff

Editor: Nancy Cushen White, Ed.D., Learning Specialist, Clinical Professor, University of California-San Francisco and Past IDA National Board Member

Social Media Editor/Strategist: Carolyn D. Cowen, M.Ed., Founding Board Member, Literate Nation
Managing Editor: Kristen L. Penczek, M.A., Interim Executive Director, IDA
Assistant Managing Editor: Lauren B. Klinedinst, Manager of Conferences, IDA


The International Dyslexia Association honors its exceptional leaders who have passed away by including a remembrance in The Examiner that recognizes their significant contributions to the field and to IDA. The Examiner's Editorial Team, in consultation with IDA's President and Executive Director, decide which leaders are to be so honored. For additional information regarding this policy, please contact us at examiner@interdys.org.

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