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Dyslexia Awareness Month is held during the month of October. Each year, IDA aims to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of dyslexia and offer resources to parents, teachers and individuals with dyslexia. As we embarked on Dyslexia Awareness Month 2014, we continued our 2013 awareness campaign: Unlocking Dyslexia.

In 2013, we decided to raise the bar and provide a resource kit to each and every public elementary school in the United States. The purpose of the kit was to help raise awareness, share best practices, and be a resource to the school’s administration and staff.HTTP://www.interdys.org/ewebeditpro5/upload/IDHClickHere.png

This year, in response to overwhelming requests by parents for useful information to help their children meet the challenges of dyslexia and thrive in school as well as life, we dedicated the 2014 campaign to families. Every dollar raised helps to provide handbooks to families across the world.

1 Dollar. 1 Handbook. 1 Family.

There are limited resources available to families of children with dyslexia and other learning differences. IDA is opening the door to a better understanding of dyslexia by providing this vital resource to support families in their passion to help their children reach their fullest potential.

IDA will provide families with a handbook entitled, IDA Dyslexia Handbook: What Every Family Should Know. This handbook not only contains invaluable information like the characteristics of dyslexia, what it is and what it isn’t, but also provides information on valid assessments, effective teaching approaches, self-advocacy ideas and a vast array of resources. Further, the handbook contains information that will be useful throughout a child’s life, from elementary school through college.

In November 2014, the IDA Dyslexia Handbook: What Every Family Should Know was disseminated to families electronically all over the world. This was sent directly to all members of IDA as well as those whose information has been provided to receive it. In addition, we are working with groups and organizations to help disseminate the handbook. This includes PTA’s, youth organizations, schools, and more.

How Can You Help?

It’s simple. You can make a donation to ensure that the handbook, IDA Dyslexia Handbook: What Every Family Should Know, gets into the hands of as many families as humanly possible. A donation of just $10, will get a handbook to ten families. The more parents we can inform, the more kids we can help.

We aren't stopping here!  The more donations and contact information received, the more handbooks are distributed.  Make a donation today!


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HTTP://www.interdys.org/ewebeditpro5/upload/DITC(1).pngIn 2013, IDA launched it's first "Unlocking Dyslexia" Campaign. Through the generous support of donors and sponsors, we were able to create and distribute a resource kit for educators. The kit, Dyslexia in the Classroom: What Every Teacher Needs to Know, was compiled from IDA research and expert sources. The kit was distributed in November 2013 to approximately 60,000 school principals via email. Any parent or individual who contacted IDA was emailed a kit as well. The kit became available for free download on November 7, 2013. Since that date, there have been more than 16,000 unique hits to the pdf kit.