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IDA National Headquarters Unveils Donor Wall
55 Recipients Honored With Bricks in the Wall
IDA Branch presidents, Board members, volunteers, schools and local branches were among those honored recently with the installation of IDA's 'Buy-A-Brick' giving campaign.  Those honored by their friends, families, organizations and associates included several giants in the field of dyslexia like Roger Saunders and Alice Koontz, as well as others like Wayne LaMade, Nancy Hennessy and Meg Porch--individuals whose passion for dyslexia galvanized them onto a years-long personal crusade of volunteerism for the dyslexia cause.

Several hundred bricks remain available to purchase for future honorees.  If you are interested in honoring an individual or organization by naming them to a brick in the international headquarters, contact Kristi Bowman, IDA Director of Development, (410) 561-6402.

Honorees named in the installation of the wall include:

Sylvia Richardson  Alice Ansara  Rebecca Richardson  Roger Saunders  Alice Koontz 
Mary Louise Trusdell  Nancy Hennessy  Thomas McDonough  C. Wilson Anderson  Jean Armus 
Marcia Gerstacker Anselmo  Kay Wagner  Betty Sheffield  Gary Wright  Thomas Viall 
Deena Strome  Wayne LaMade  Annie Cohen  Evan Cohen  Kyle & Brett Morgan 
Deborah Speece  Barbara Foorman  Lynn Kuhn  Hawaii Branch of IDA  Christopher Lewis 
Mary Elizabeth Lewis  Parents of Margaret Higa  Houston Branch of IDA  Anne Bailar  Carla Fraso 
Betty Wells  Eugene Ledet  Connie A. Graul  Dr. James Grant  Louisiana Branch of IDA 
Sally Burden  Hayley C. Johnson  Nancy Cushen White  Kurt Yates  Rosemary Williamson
Kay Wagner  Marcia Henry  Joshua Repensek  Elizabeth Repensek  Elenn Steinberg 
Robert Mauro  Pat De Orio  Martie Wood  Dennis Wimer  Meg Porch 
Judith Wright  Shelton School  Noreen Frohme     






HTTP://www.interdys.org/ewebeditpro5/upload/IMG_7505edit_resize_Webpage.gifHonor Plaques Added to the IDA Hall of Honor
Five individuals were inducted into the IDA Hall of Honor, following the installation of their plaques in April, 2010. Those inducted include:

Gordon F. Sherman, by The Newgrange School and Educational Center, Family & Friends
Mrs. Faten Dawood Al Bader, by Family & Friends
Mrs. Susan Barton, by Graduates & Supporters of Bright Solutions for Dyslexia
Dr. Charles W. Haynes, by Friends & Colleagues
Dorothy Whitehead, by Family & Friends

Individual plaques in the IDA Hall of Honor remain available. 
Contact Kristi Bowman, Director of Development, (410) 561-6402.

Download information on how to donate to IDA's Hall of Honor.