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Maharashtra Dyslexia Association
101 Amit Park,
Lala Jamnadas Gupta Marg,
Deonar Farm,
Mumbai 400 088, India.
Telephone/Fax: ++91 22 2556 5754
Email:  mda@dyslexiaindia.com 
Website:  www.mdamumbai.com  

Maharashtra Dyslexia Association (MDA) is a not-for-profit organisation started in March 1996 by a group of parents and professionals committed to securing the rights of students with dyslexia to an appropriate education. In pursuit of this vision, MDA is extremely proactive in creating awareness about dyslexia amongst the educational community and the general public in India. MDA works with schools and Education authorities in furthering the acceptance of the special needs of children with specific learning disabilities (SLD) and enabling them to reach their full potential.

The vision and hard work of the founding members has resulted in securing accommodations and concessions in examinations for persons with SLD at the school, college and higher educational levels. This work has been carried forward by our team of well-qualified, experienced and motivated psychologists, special educators and other professionals who have set high quality benchmarks in testing and remedial services for children and young adults with dyslexia and other SLD in the region. Today, MDA is the preferred agency for assessments for several national and international institutions and examination boards.

MDA has 3 centres in and around Mumbai, India, and offers the following services:

  • Diagnostic, Remedial & Counselling Services for children and young adults.
  • Workshops in schools and colleges across India on a vast range of topics.
  • A Therapy Centre that provides a sensory integration programme tailored to meet the individual needs of children with SLD.
  • A Parents Support Group that addresses parents’ concerns about the educational, social, emotional and other problems   faced by their children.
  • A Research Cell to undertake research projects and develop appropriate teaching and testing material suited to the needs of the local population.
  • A Training Centre where workshops for teachers and other professionals are conducted on an ongoing basis.
  • Internship programmes for academically qualified, but inexperienced psychologists and special educators to cater to the growing demand of services in the city.
  • Aptitude Testing and Career Guidance Counselling for young adults.
  • An Academic Language (Dyslexia) Therapy Training programme in collaboration with the Multisensory Language Training Institute of New Mexico.
  • A Reference Library with books, journals and the latest information on specific learning disabilities and related areas, which is accessible to all.
  • An Advocacy Cell that negotiates with education authorities for the rights of children with SLD.  

On the Anvil

Our priorities include:

  • Strengthening our Research Cell for quicker and more efficient collation and analysis of data on the Indian situation
  • An Action Plan for more vigorous Advocacy at the federal level
  • A Diploma programme to train teachers in remedial education for students with SLD
  • Engaging with the local Education department to further implementation and resolve policy issues

MDA values the honour of being a global partner with The International Dyslexia Association, and this alliance has given us an impetus in establishing best practices in assessment and remediation through our programmes, in the Indian subcontinent.