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Brazilian Dyslexia Association                     IDA Supporting Global Partner   
Maria Angela Nico,  Scientific Coordinator
Associação Brasileira de Dislexia
Rua da Consolacao 37-11 andar
São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Tel: (55 11) 3231-3296; (55 11) 3258-7568
E-mail:  angelanico@uol.com.br
Web site:

The Brasilian Dyslexia Association (ABD) was founded in 1983.
ABD has a multidisciplinary team consisting of a speech pathologist, psychologist, special educators, neurologist and a group of volunteers. We evaluate people for dyslexia and see approximately 40 people each month. ABD does not treat dyslexics. After diagnosis, the individual is referred to a speech pathologist, special educator, psychologist, or even a physician. To date, we have diagnosed over 1,500 people as having dyslexia.
Our main goal is to increase awareness about dyslexia among teachers, speech pathologists, school directors, psychologists, special educators and the general public. To that end, we conduct national meetings, international conferences, courses about dyslexia, lectures in schools and universities. We also hold informational meetings for children, teens, and adults with dyslexia and for parents.


  • Future projects include conducting more research, training more skilled professionals, presenting lectures and upgrading the skills of our clerical work team and volunteers. Our vision it to help educate Brasilians about dyslexia.
  • ABD is funded by donations from our founder, fees from membership, publication sales, and registration fees from meetings, conferences, and trainings.

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